3 Reasons Why Boutique Hotels Are Better

The hotel industry is full of popular chains that have become common household names. Pick any popular destination and you'll find a plethora of brands and their sub-brands providing the expected basics to meet the needs of any traveler's price point.

In the past couple of years a new kid on the block has emerged.  The boutique hotel. This term is used to describe, smaller, unique venues offering an upscale encounter. Targeting a discerning traveler looking to trade the cookie-cutter experience of a typical hotel for something more personalized and stylish, the boutique hotel is capturing guests' hearts with their small size and big personalities.  Even the conventional chains are wanting to capitalize on this trend, with many creating new boutique brand divisions to cater to those that prefer their stay centered around intimate ambiance and a stylish, unique spirit.


INTIMATE ATMOSPHERE- Boutique hotels have fewer rooms, allowing for a more intimate and personal experience. Fewer rooms and fewer guests provide an opportunity for the hotel to add that personal touch, making visitors feel special and not like just another number.

STYLISH AESTHETIC- Visit any boutique hotel and you will see that each one has its own unique personality.  Not being bound by the mandatory uniformity of a branded chain leaves room for original concepts and innovative designer decor.  No two are the same. With each boutique hotel able to add its own unique, luxurious personal touch, the large hotel brand can seem mundane and generic in comparison.

Five Seas Hotel, Cannes

Boundary Hotel, London

SUPERIOR SERVICE- In addition to the intimate atmosphere and luxurious amenities, you can rest assured that the service has the potential to be second to none.  With fewer guests, the staff can concentrate on the details; devoting more attention to that personal touch we all crave when traveling.

Complimentary glass of wine selected by its "chef sommelier" - Five Seas Hotel, Cannes

Next time you find yourself booking a getaway, consider a boutique hotel.  An intimate experience, coupled with a stylish setting and second to none service, will guarantee your next stay is an unforgettable one.  Proving that bigger isn't necessarily better.


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